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Davis Double Century 2013
Communications & SAG Information

Event Date: Saturday May 18, 2013

Davis Bike Club Ride Information

DC Communications & SAG Coordinator Dave Nishikawa KC6YFG dhnishik@dcn.org
May 16, 1330 hrs. - Roster update. Friday setup time.
May 13, 1000 hrs. - Roster update.
May 8, 1000 hrs. - Roster update, rest stop open/close hours for RS1, RS2, RS3, RS4, RS5, RS6, RS7 & RS8.
May 2, 1500 hrs. - Roster update.
May 2, 1000 hrs. - Roster update.
May 2, 0030 hrs. - Roster update.
April 27, 2000 hrs. - Roster update.
April 19, 0020 hrs. - Roster update.
April 18, 2100 hrs. - Roster update.
April 15, 1000 hrs. - Roster update.
March 21, 2300 hrs. - Roster update.
March 19, 1715 hrs. - Initial DC13 info posted. Roll over of 2012 roster, pending update. Please note s/f and route changes.

Start/Finish Change

Start/Finish is moving to the US Bicycling Hall of Fame at the corner of Third & A Streets, in Central Park. Because the ride coincides with the Davis Farmer's Market during the morning hours, parking in the area will be at a premium. There will be very limited reserved parking for SAG vehicles for pick up/drop off only. The nearest readily available parking is likely to be the City Hall parking lot (where we hold the Thursday pre-meeting). Volunteers who normally pick up SAG supplies/radio equipment on the morning of the event are strongly encouraged to pick up at the Thursday meeting instead, if at all possible.

Course Change

After many years of travelling along State Route 175, the course is moving back to Big Canyon Road between Middletown and Siegler Canyon Road. Several miles of Big Canyon Road are well-packed dirt/gravel (smoother than some paved parts of the course!). SAG and Patrol vehicles working this part of the course are asked to drive carefully to avoid raising dust.

NorCal AIDS Cycle route to coincide the DC route in Capay Valley area

SAGs are advised that there will be quite a few riders on the Hwy 16 part of the course that will be in another organized ride.

Hwy53 Construction Out of Lunch to Hwy20

There will be construction on the Hwy53 part of the route out of Lunch. SAGs have been requested to do a little more patrol there since the shoulders are missing and bikes have to ride in the car lane. Riders should be encouraged as always to ride single file.

Set Up

Net Control set up at the Bicycle Hall of Fame will be on Friday May 17 at 1730 hours. All help appreciated.

Pre Ride Meeting

Thursday May 16 at 1900 hrs.
The pre-ride meeting will be held at the Parking Lot behind City Hall, at the corner of Russell Blvd. and B Streets. Directions to City Hall can be found HERE. We will be meeting at the west end of the parking lot, closest to A Street.

Talk-in on 144.430 simplex. SAG boxes, info packets (shirts, maps, freq plan), 900 radios, and APRS trackers should be available. Any op not able to make it can make other arrangements or pick up their stuff at Net Control on event day.

Because of the parking and access challenges on the morning of the event, if at all possible, please attend the Thursday meeting to pick up your supplies.

Radio Plan

The radio plan will be similar to last year's, with 2m and 900 MHz being used. In addition, when the airborne repeater/digipeater is flying, we may be testing the ability to link 440/900 to 2m through a remote base.

Net Control will be geared towards having enough ops to handle simultaneously 2-4 channels, minimizing the time needed for field units to get a response.


APRS will be used again this year. A separate packet frequency with special event digipeaters located on the course and in the plane will be used. We do not use the national 144.390 frequency due to coverage and congestion issues. Net Control will be equipped to track APRS equipped units.


View Printable Roster

This is the roster and shifts as the positions are being filled.
Due to the high number of returning ops, an (*) will denote those that have confirmed for this year.

Status Key:

* Confirmed
? Need Confirmation