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Mt. Vaca Camera

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The camera on Mt. Vaca is a Panasonic BL-C1A web camera, installed in a home built weatherproof housing. While the camera supports live video, we are not making it available here, due to the relatively static views and to save bandwidth. Instead, once every 20 minutes, the camera uploads an image to the website.

The camera is aimed to the northeast. The Sacramento area is in the center of the picture, with the I-80 corridor stretching down and to the right, with the north end of Vacaville visible at the edge of the picture. The Sierra Nevada mountains are in the far background.

Camera temporarily out of service.
After many years of reliable service, we noticed the image from the camera was getting rather soft and blurry. Close inspection revealed that the camera lens had developed a number of cracks, possibly due to years of UV exposure or thermal damage. We are exploring options to either repair or replace the camera. We hope to have it back in service later this summer.

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