Mt. Vaca - K6MVR
Northern California's Public Service Repeater


K6MVR Repeater

Mt. Vaca - K6MVR - Northern California's Public Service Repeater

Callsign: K6MVR
Frequency: output 147.000, input 146.400 (negative split)
CTCSS: 136.5
Transmitter Location: Mount Vaca, above Vacaville, California.

The Yolo Amateur Radio Society (YARS) / Mt. Vaca Radio Club (MVRC) is pleased to make the K6MVR repeater available to the amateur radio community for general use and special events.

K6MVR is an open repeater. All amateur radio operators are welcome to use the repeater. Due to the wide area coverage of the repeater, we ask that users limit "local" traffic to short conversations or coordination of a contact on a local repeater or simplex channel.

When the repeater identifies as being "On Battery" the repeater output power will be reduced, and we ask that users keep communications short to help extend battery life.

Please Note: The K6MVR repeater is regularly used for special event communications and nets. Such communications will have priority for use of the repeater. When in use for event communications and nets, we ask all other users to leave the repeater open for the event or net.

The following events are regularly scheduled to use the repeater: